Jewish Studies (M.A.)

Immerse yourself in the Jewish classics and gain comprehension of the scope of the Jewish experience.

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Leadership in Jewish Education and Communal Service (M.A.)

Prepare for professional leadership in the Jewish community with a combination of leadership training, communal service and practical field experience.

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Jewish Communal Service (M.A.)

Prepare for professional leadership in the Jewish community with a combination of leadership, communal service and practical field experience.

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Post Baccalaureate Certificates

Twenty-unit graduate programs in Jewish Communal Service and Jewish Education prepare students for positions within the Jewish community.

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Mickey Rubin Jewish Studies (M.A.)

I am a graduate student in Towson University’s Jewish Education program. I was able to hone my leadership skills through my involvement at Towson’s Hillel, and now am the Hillel’s Director of Engagement. I also teach Sunday School at Beth El and am a selected founding resident for Baltimore’s Moishe House. Through Towson, I am already making an impact and giving back to the Jewish community.


Lacy LeBlanc Jewish Studies (M.A.)

I’m a Jewish Studies major at Towson because I want to help strengthen understanding and support of the Jewish community. As a program coordinator for the Foundation for Jewish Studies in Rockville, MD, I organize retreats, seminars and lectures, but I also interact with our attendees, furthering their knowledge of Judaism and the Jewish people. The MAJS program is preparing me for the career I’ve always wanted.


Andy Harkavy ‘10 Jewish Communal Service (M.A.)

I was the Steinhardt Jewish Campus Service Corps Fellow at Ohio State Hillel for two years before enrolling at Baltimore Hebrew University. It was the personal connection and the diversity of the student body that attracted me to BHU. I transitioned to Towson in the fall of ’09 and, after finishing my degree, accepted a position as youth director/assistant director of education at Temple Beth El in Charlotte, North Carolina.


Danielle Feinstein Jewish Studies and Jewish Communal Service (M.A.)

Following my undergraduate studies in history and music education at Georgia Southern University I served in the Army National Guard and studied at the Army School of Music in Virginia Beach. I feel as though service work defines me, which is why I’m pursuing my double degree in Jewish Studies and Jewish Communal Service. Moving north to attend Towson was scary, but worth it. I love being part of the large and vibrant Jewish community here.


Alex Salzberg ’11 Jewish Education (M.A.)

I chose Towson because the community is amazing! I particularly enjoyed spending time with other students and faculty affiliated with Towson’s Baltimore Hebrew Institute. I think of my Jewish Education studies as a practical compliment to my career goal of being a pulpit Rabbi. In fact, my coursework enabled me to fulfill the mechinah (preparatory) requirements at Jewish Theological Seminary and will shorten my studies by one year. I’m especially proud of attaining proficiency in Biblical Hebrew, which helped me land a position as Biblical Hebrew instructor for BHI's adult education Biblical Hebrew course.


Marc Terrill, President
Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore

"The Baltimore Hebrew Institute at Towson University has a transformative quality. Current and future leaders are exposed to time tested theory and practice and at the same time are engaged in cutting edge thinking that will propel community organizations to a higher level of functioning and relevance. This living laboratory of ideas is a must for the career minded community practitioner."


Jon Cardin, Legislator
Maryland House of Delegates

"I have interacted with graduates of Towson’s program as a member of the advisory committee of Baltimore Hebrew Institute, part of Towson’s College of Liberal Arts, and worked with young employees for THE ASSOCIATED. I look at graduates of Towson’s program as the new, young and progressive thinkers in the organized Jewish world."


Krieger Schechter Day School

"I am very proud of the teachers who have graduated from Baltimore Hebrew University, and now from Towson University. They are the product of a superb education. I can depend on their preparation and that they know the subject matter. We encourage all of our teachers to continue their education and take classes at Towson."

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Why Towson?

Towson University is the largest comprehensive university in the Baltimore area and offers more than 80 master’s, doctoral and graduate certificate programs. We provide a close-knit and diverse community for Jewish and non-Jewish students from around the country, as well as the resources of a major university. Our campus is located just eight miles north of vibrant, downtown Baltimore and near a vast local network of Jewish organizations, synagogues, community centers and schools.

What is Baltimore Hebrew Institute (BHI)?

Baltimore Hebrew Institute (BHI) is part of our College of Liberal Arts. Among its many functions, BHI provides need and merit-based scholarships to students enrolled in Towson’s Graduate Programs in Judaic Studies, and cultivates a vibrant and cohesive community for students.

Is Towson University associated with Baltimore Hebrew University (BHU)?

After 90 years as Maryland’s only higher education institution dedicated solely to Judaic and Hebraic studies, Baltimore Hebrew University signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Towson University in 2009 that integrated BHU’s programs, faculty and staff into Towson University. Students continue to benefit from BHU's rigorous academics and close-knit community and now have access to all the resources of a major university.

Are scholarships available for the Judaic Graduate Programs?

Yes. Baltimore Hebrew Institute provides need and merit-based scholarships to students enrolled in Towson’s Judaic Graduate Programs.

What does Baltimore have to offer?

Towson University is just eight miles from downtown Baltimore.  Baltimore’s flagship Jewish community offers outstanding communal organizations and Jewish educational institutions for internships and career opportunities. In addition, Baltimore is just one hour from Washington, D.C., two hours from Philadelphia, and three-and-a-half hours from New York City.